about the Artist


Like Hudson, but with a

Judson's appreciation for the beauty of imperfections in both photography and humanity started in the darkroom. Eager to master every aspect of her craft, she interned with admired photographers. However, she observed a gap in their stories—they hesitated to openly support the LGBTQIA+ community to avoid losing clients. 

Known for her easy-going and deeply caring nature with a witty edge, Judson’s appreciation for the beautiful unexpected comes through in her work. She is a natural conversationalist with an uncanny ability to create a lighthearted yet solution-oriented atmosphere. She finds ways to spark humor in the most genuine of ways which helps her couples to fully relax in her presence. She believes honest conversations are the path to real connection.

about the Artistry

Judson encourages an unrushed ambience for each wedding to ensure the subtle moment shines from an authentic space. With deep-set laugh lines and inquisitive nature, Judson approaches each wedding with a passion for her craft, a positive outlook, and a drive to dive deep. She keenly observes human interactions through the lens of artistic expression; she photographs the true essence of what takes place in the unscripted moments. Her process alleviates the stress of performative images while capturing meaning, legacy, and beauty in the most unexpected instances. Judson documents wedding celebrations for progressive couples seeking a refreshing perspective. 

"We’re laughing, we’re crying, we’re so in love with these"
Lauren and Ashwin

“The intimacy and trust my clients give me brings me joy.

Being there for the most revealing, meaningful, beautiful, ugly, joyful moments, we see the world in a similar fashion – it’s a privilege to work as a historian especially for my fellow queer couples.”
- Judson